Our Mission Statement:
Because we spend a third of our life in our bedrooms - we demand accountability in the mattress industry.

The Sleep Safe in a Toxic World Book is a guide to identifying and removing hidden toxins from your bedroom. But if you think that once toxic bedding and mattresses are replaced by organic bedding and an organic mattress you can sleep easy, you may be sadly mistaken. How do you know that the "organic" product you purchased is truly organic?

In the bedding arena "Greenwashing" comes in many forms and degrees of untruth, from mild and uneducated misdirection to blatant and purposeful misrepresentation. This type of marketing can be misleading, and even incorrect. I created this website to expose the pretenders and teach you how you can spot the real deal thing. When you invest in your health with the purchase of an organic mattress, and it is a large investment, you need deserve to know that you are getting what you paid for.

The words Eco-Friendly, Chemical Free, VOC-Free, Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic, Earth-Friendly, Natural and green, do not equal 100% Certified Organic. Simply put, most of these words are marketing tactics, and advertisers spend billions to convince you of there substance.

MY HOPE FOR THIS SITE is to continue what my book Sleep Safe in a Toxic World started. Namely, to provide information to consumers who are contemplating spending a large sum of money on a mattress product that I sincerely believe is important to their health. And to do so on one convenient website. I hope this information enables consumers to better understand the field of organic mattresses.

- Walt Bader, author of Sleep Safe in a Toxic World and founder of Organic Mattresses, Inc.
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